Change is Indifferent

Change is at the mercy of the law,
But the law is not at the mercy of change.
You can not rebuild an engine all at once,
It is done in steps.
If there is a bad part that needs fixing,
Then there is going to be some replacing,
Smooth perfection is not created,
By sitting on corruption, unchanging.
But I do not wish for this to change.
To simply wish it all away is to easy.
America was built on blood, sweat, and honest days work
Yet now, people don't want to work,
Not because they cant, but because they don't want to.
But I would not change this either, that would be to easy
The change in America must be from us,
For we the people, have the power in our hands
We can control who is able to decide this country's fate
Yet most do not understand this.
But once again, I would not change this.
The only change I wish to see,
Is the change I'm able to influence.
Because only that represents America's foundation.


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