The Perfect Girl


The perfect girl,

That's what everyone saw.

The one that everyone knew.

The girl without a flaw.


But when she looked in the mirror,

She hid behind a facade.

All the scars on her wrists,

Showed a secret bond.


Her escape from reality,

Was her only escape at all.

She had a head full of thoughts,

But her dreams were so small.


She had a brilliant fake smile,

no one knew she wasn't okay.

She hid her tears well,

Until she didn't show for school the next day.


People thought she was sick,

Maybe a cough or a cold.

Nobody was prepared

For what they were told.


That perfect girl,

That everyone knew

Had died the last night,

Overdosing by two.


People looked around,

Barely hearing the news.

How could that perfect girl

Been so emotionally bruised?


They held the hand of doubt,

Hoping that she'd walk in.

Until the announcements came on,

With a voice that was so thin.


Close to tears,

The voice confirmed her death.

The thought of never seeing her again,

Took everyone's breath.


The perfect girl,

That everyone saw,

Finally gave up the fight,

Threw away it all.











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Very strong! I can totally relate, thankyou for this poem.


This poem is amazing. Its so powerful and it shows that you should always be aware so another teen suicide doesn't happen. I love the amount of the emotion it has. Please read my poems and tell me what you think.

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