The Paracite


I will make promises,
Ones I will break.
I will talk behind your back,
I can be quite fake.

Will I cheat on you?
Of course I will.
Why wouldn't I?
I do anything but kill.

I will crush your dreams,
They mean nothing to me.
I give wrong advice,
Because you act idiotically 

You cry on my shoulder,
While I'm smiling inside.
You say you love me.
My laughter is difficult to hide.

I shower you with compliments,
Even though you are nothing.
I told you I'd marry you,
With no intention of purchasing a ring.

I constantly judge.
I am better than you.
You will always be pathetic,
No matter what you do.

What would you call me?
I'm a human parasite,
Also known as your boyfriend.
I'm far from a delight.


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