A New Day


Hands in the sky
On my knees
Nobody heard 
My piercing scream
The broken remains
Of the world around
Shattered and fell
With a deafening sound
Crawling over broken pieces
I tried to find my purpose
Hurting ever more as I continued
But not stopping none the less
The never ending road of pain
Unfurled before my eyes 
A dark and treacherous path
With sadness in the sky
My body gave out
I fall hard and fast
I close my eyes at the pain
That I hope doesn't last
I lay for a while
In the cold dark place
With cuts and bruises
From my legs to my face
I know it won't go away
If I let myself down 
I can't give up hope
Especially right now
I slowly got up
And looked ahead
With a new motivation
Inside my head
Soon the darkness above
Slowly fades away
The pain was forgotten
At the start if a new day
Life may seem as if
There is no way to escape
I will never ever give up hope
No matter what it takes


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