Life Is But A Song

While we walked up the gravel path through the hills.

I looked upon these stone memorials.

Simply thinking to myself about the days that are flying by, so fast.

The days that mean so little, yet so much at the same time.

 As we keep climbing up through the hills, the autumn sun broke through the cracks of the trees onto my face.

Though, for once, right there and then, life did not feel like a race.

No one competing, no one thinking that they are more superior than another.

There in that moment, life, was real.

We finally came to a stop at the top of the hill, under a pine tree.

At this, was a flat stone, laying in the ground, words faded, rustic look.

The feeling of looking down upon someone, who was once living, breathing, and perhaps stood once where we were, is breath taking and eye opening.

As we stood there, I realized, life is much like a song.

At the beginning, the song starts out with a beautiful melody.

Yet only when you start living, is when the lyrics begin to show.

Though, just like every song, it must come to an end.

A soft, delicate, and peaceful ending.

One cannot choose when their song will end, yet anyone can make their song worth listening to.

Now, we walked back down these hills, through the trees and while I was walking -

I decided, that not only will my song be worth listening to.

It will be beautiful, all the way to the end.


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