my dear heart

grabbed your hand

took you on a walk one day

looked you in the eyes

"Everything's going to be okay"


"Where do you take me?

Where do you put me now?"

"My dear heart", I said

"I've given you more love than allowed"


"I've hurt you enough

You don't deserve it today

I take your hand now

so that I may put you away"


kissed you on your cheek

wiped the tears from your eyes

a swelling sadness inside

the worst feelings are in our goodbyes


the loss in your eyes

begins to fade away

I’ll dream of you until

I pull you out again someday


for now, my dear heart

you will be kept far from harm

inside a place, so safe

inside a place, so warm




Thank you Q.V.! I could always use improvement in my poetry. 


You're so right... I typically don't do rhyming poetry because I feel it DOES take away the power (as far as my poems go). I guess I was right and messed up!

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