I would die to hold you one more time Maman's Baby Boy <3

Fri, 11/08/2013 - 03:58 -- OTO2013


As that horrible that gets closer day by day the more I fight back the tears :( nothing makes letting you go easier and knowing my memories are all I have left kills me, litterly hurts my heart so bad I'd rip it out if I could. I know you're proud but you also see what no one else see's. 

I am so afraid of forgetting any little precious moment with you,

Your soft cry, 

The first time we saw your beautifull blue eyes,

Your smell,

All I have left are my memories and pictures :( 

How could he be so cruel :( 

I know your the one giving me the strenght to get trough this pain the right and best way,

It's so hard to keep my sanity,

I lost you, wasn't that enough punishment? 

Keep giving me the strenght and I promiss to keep making you proud <3 

We miss you and love you more than words can say Ptit Pitou a Maman,

Hope you enjoyed the gifts we brought you on Christmas Eve,

Your precious little brother didn't think it was fair if you didn't get any gifts <3

..... As you took your last breat and your heart its last beat,

Maman could not even get up on her feet,

A pain that no words can describe and that I wish upon no one


             .......... Please do not leave my side during these painfull days to come, almost 10yrs ago today I was face with the nightmare of facing you would not survive this illness.... Part of me went with you that day Angel Boy




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