what the drink takes of you

Wed, 01/01/2014 - 15:30 -- lyssrgr


You always thought, your kids will never know the feeling of addiction, but I went to rehab for a worse condition

I cut, and swallowed pills to forget every day, every pain every touch that came my way

You crave liquor and I crave pills and scars, it’s all because of your love for bars

You stuffed your feelings with vodka and booze; I stuff with pills and push my emotions down like you

When they get too much I cut to let them out, I hold in my tears, my pain, my overwhelming feeling of doubt

All the times I have tried and wished I was dead, and all the tears that I have bled

But I am getting help, and no longer want to die; now I’m done even when I get the cravings inside

I’m strong now, because of the suffering you put me through, Thanks to your scars, God has helped me through my issues.

I put my entire burden on to him, and he has forgiven all of my sins

 For the first in my life, I have the sense of love, It’s not from down here but from up above

Though the pain and abuse, still carries on, Now I have a father that will always be here instead of gone

To the other father that is consumed in beer, I hope you find God, and decided to hear

Because all you’ve done, I have forgiven you; I pray that one day you will let him help with your issue

I have never stopped loving you and all that you are, But some else has always loved you and he lives on a star.


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