Stop Blaming Yourself


          Why blame society when society is made of you too? You argue about the wars but yet your voice isn't heard upon it. Set marches for Travon Martin but don't set march for the troupes. Now how does that look when they're the ones defending you. Why blame society when society is made of you too? You kill for the chains and the shoes. Forgetting about Karma, so there's a 100% chance that the same thing might happen to you. Now how does that look to the parents that put work into raising you? Why blame society when society is made of you too? You yell stop screaming and cursing, have sex more than once but call the next person a hoe for doing it too. Now how does that look when you dont consider yourself hypocritical. Why blame society when society is made of you too? You worry more about the legalization of weed but could care less about abortion. Lay down to make something beautiful then act like you don't want it. There are poeple who try so hard to produce a new life, so why do something wrong when you could be doing right. Now you tell me, how does that look? So, why blame society when society is made of us too? Because we as a world dont have the guts to make a change. We scream for a friday but what happen to freedom ring. Abuse the same soul that you claimed you love. File for unemployment then go to the club. Make reality tv because we're to scared to make reality. Aim more for the league like our nation doesn't need teachers or analyis. Tell the lesbian and gays about the hell they'll recieve. But God only said no sin is greater than the next I believe. Like divorcing someone before death did you part. Why marry someone that didn't have your heart? Like inking the body or peircing the ears doesn't carry faith. So dont think everything you do is concidered the right thing. But only one person can change things forever. It's the people who follow behind to make things better. So, why be society when you can be way greater?            

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