A Poem About School That Should Totally Be Taken Literally


School is a place where I love to go,

Where I stare at a board so my mind will grow.

I love it so much I could go all year,

Yeah, that's right, no sarcasm here.

I love how I learn just what my teachers say,

Instead of learning from life in a hands-on kind of way.

I spend all of class focused and centered,

I quickely depart from the daydream I've entered.

Thank goodness for grades, they come at no expense,

They're such a great way of measuring intelligence.

I'm completely serious, school is the best!

So much importance on one little test.

So young we are taught that we must exceed,

And I went to school so I must agree.

What a shame it would be to lack perfection,

Without calculus, life would have no direction.

School makes me so very happy,

I can tell they truly care about me.


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