My Sweet Sister


I know she is tired,
she hates feeling this way,
She weeps and she cries,
tears of pain day to day.
She deals with much hurt,
and is put through much strife,
her skin sticks to her shirt,
she wants a real life.
So tired of sitting with nothing to do,
wrapped up like a mummy,
when all she wants is to be like you.
She wants freedom to do what she feels,
but do to her illness,
it doesn't seem real.
The pain that she suffers,
many will not bare,
she tries to act happy,
but that emotion is not there.
She sits and she waits,
her faith is shaken,
but inside her heart trembles,
don't be mistaken.
Her heart is broken,
she wants to be like me,
let it be spoken,
she wants to be free.
So daily I pray,
that she becomes well,
because day to day,
she is going through hell.
I never now what to do,
never know what to say,
except Jet I love you,
and will love you always.


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