Don't tell A Soul


   Baby Don't tell a soul .... about our never ending love, about how every time we look into each others eyes we lose ourselves and time flies. Baby Don't tell a soul about the immense love we have for each other, and about how the love i have for you is bigger than anything in this world. I love you more than Colombians likes coffee and a Dominican likes mangoo. Baby don't tell a soul about how we crave each other in every way possible. See I crave you like an alcoholic craves a shot of vodka after the bottle of rum. I crave you just the way you are, with  No chaser.  I crave your touch and your feel... See baby when I touch you i lose myself in a sea of endless thoughts... I get scared because I know that at any given moment you will have to leave.. i get happy because at that given moment you are mine and only mine. I get filled with mixed emotions and sometimes I get mad at myself for not enjoying you like at should instead of worrying about when you will go. Baby don't tell a soul... but I love you... so let this be our secret right here right now,..... lets make a pact that we will not tell a soul about our never ending love.... lets seal this pact with a kiss.    


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