Home is Where the Heart is

Grab my heart and squeeze.

Make me suffer, make me bleed.

I can barely breathe.

Dry heave, all these happy memories.

I can’t stand to watch you leave,

Remembering lost moments of ecstasy.

Please leave me some dignity.

Too late I guess.

To you I was just a pest.

Now I’m left in this mess,

Not getting any rest.

You said this was for the best.

But that was a lie,

You hid in the back of your mind.

Now time doesn’t seem to slip by,

But it drags me through hell every hour

As I hide and cower

To the point where I can’t decide

Whether I want to survive or commit suicide

And I can’t confide in anyone

So I hold in that sigh of relief

As I struggle with this grief

It causes me to toss and turn in my sleep

And all these emotions ,

Eroding my soul,

And I start to slowly lose sight of my hope.

Living life like I am at the end of my rope.

The only one on a sinking boat.

Trying to cope on my own.

I am wondering all alone.

So where am I to go?

Because you stole my heart,

And home where heart is.

This is the hardest thing I have had to go through


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