My Shadow

My mind is going insane; I can barely even think. I'm letting myself go, faster than a blink. Friends and family form a line that is longer than a mile; but even with them here, my life still feels like it's not worth while. It seems like I'm a fuck up, no matter where I go. I'm hurt, but I smile so nobody will ever know. My image is like a shadow: you can see it, but you can't figure it out. There's things about me most people would be shocked to hear about. Because I smile, everybody just assumes I'm happy. When they look into my eyes, I wonder what they truly see... It's not me.



I really like this. You convey something that happens far too often within youth culture.

I feel for you. You are not alone.



I agree! Thank you very much!


Very good!



Thank you! :)


I Love This, It was so touching. 


Thank you.. :)


Wow I love this poem. Its so emotional. I also love the picture.

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