What would you change Scholarship Slam


I look and see greatness and admiration.

I always have to look pass my procrastination.

I would like to change that so I could get more things done.

In this tough world we live in, there is little room for fun.

The community itself is pressure and gives me motivation.

I walk a dark path in this village I call home.

Everyone here is getting into trouble and is on the road to nowhere.

I wish I could change that but I can’t.

So I just invert the obvious path and seek my true destination.

The world will see my failures while I will see the good.

I wish I could change the media’s negative outlook.

However, for some reason I just can’t.

So, I know for each down fall I create.

It will shortly lead me to celebrate.

The funny thing is I honestly want to change nothing at all.

I wouldn’t live life right without pain.

I would be living too easy with no gain.



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