Sat, 02/08/2014 - 21:47 -- Tyrellb




If there was something I could change

What would it be

The mindset of so many

Displaying their animosity


Loathing and contempt

Or just simple indifference

Not caring we truly exist

Due to our deliverance


Of being bound in chains

From their ancestors’ atrocity

Or doing their toil with no pay

Looked upon as bartered property


But even now several years gone by

Still poisoned thoughts remain

These fools of utter ignorance

Brutal lies etched on their brain


And after the struggle, we persevered

But what used to be -- some still see

Not recognizing our equal worth

Our intelligence, our integrity


Racism…. like an insolent weed

Its seeds planted eras ago

Refusing to die, tho’ withered slight

Eliminate nurturing and it won’t grow

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