A Full Embrace


Unquestioning devotion

to the words of many,

our minds become dry and useless.

Wake up! We must transgress

beyond this era of allowing any

and every pre-conceived notion


and misconstrued allegation

to be ignorantly accepted.


We've lost what it means to create,

to envision something new.

In all of us lies the ability to birth

wholly original ideas. But first, unearth,

dig deep, subdue

Apathy's strong grip and crushing weight


On our budding aspirations.

Now—surpass what is expected.


Be driven by raw intuition,

Be guided by fresh contemplations,

Question and break down preconceptions,

after all, we are not a mere reflection

of past generations.

Breathe in satisfaction of ideas coming to fruition,


instead of simple regurgitations

of thoughts already projected.


A change must take place,

an awakening of the mind,

a reversal of conventional thinking.

All that is needed is an inkling

of desire to leave behind

Apathy and meet Progress in a full embrace.


With refreshing revitalization,

Imagination soars, newly resurrected.

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