Undo Me

​And as the days go by you rub away at me and peel back the pages of my skin

Soon I shall be raw,sore and broken

As you undo me so you have undone me again

And I am me and you are you and we are nothing


I am broken and your hands are too small to gather me up so I fall through the cracks of your hands everyday a little more


Then what's left is the black side the dark side the spiteful Sharpe bits like the leftovers of

a roast chicken


Photos of us are in the shadows overcast by clouds our hands held strong covered by darkness

Sat with the what ifs and could of been


So I wait and you wait for the sun to shift and show us the light again

But the clouds don't move and we never again feel the same


So we are fallen to the low ground the ground beneath the grounds where people rarely go as they never make it back again

Claw away at the mud cracked on our bodies trying to reach the light

Everyday the we that we were is further away

After a time we close our eyes and forget what was till there is nothing left of us


Just two people who used to be in love


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