Father/Son I Never Had


I relive the days
Of getting into your car
Riding to the place you call home
But it wasn't your home
I remember everything we did
Especially watching the "Goofy" vid
He stood by his son
No matter how maxed
Out the problems be
Watching that movie I asked
Would you do that for me
Defending you was all I could do
I couldn't believe ma
Even if it was true
Even if she had proof
Saw her signature
Just didn't see you
But I catch you staring
In the mirror
I'm glaring
In disbelief
You never wanted me
Twelve years later
I'm in the ER with no heart for four hours
Where the hell were you
At that hour
Where were you
When we lost a house
Where were you
When I lashed out
Now the woman who cares 
Receives my bitter rage
For your misdeeds
I still got rage for her
But she provides my needs
What kind of man are you
Leaving me at my knees
Struggling to get stronger
Got knocked down too much
So it took much longer
Trying not to suffer
Lit match with gas fumes
Didn't explode
But consumed
Every idea of father and son I had
Maybe it's better this way
Fred would say the same
So thank you
You've given me miracles to tame


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