Weighed, Measured, Judged.


Always last in Gym Class,

I Never stood a chance in Debate.

Immediately chosen for any Group task,

That science Fair was a piece of Cake.

Teachers love me,

Oh how they praise me.

Others not so much,

Oh how they hate me.

Gave up on my Math Teacher's Work,

My Coordinate planes never aligned straight.

Designed my Class T-Shirt,

I regret not putting that witch in her place.

Others love me,

Oh how they praise me.

Teachers not so much,

Oh how they hate me.

Sitting in Class, lost in my thoughts,

How'd I ever get through it all?

Without a voice to cry for whats right,

Apathy is here, in this Silent Night.

How can I prove I'm worth Something,

If statistics say I ammount to Nothing?


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