I'm Standing Here

Thu, 12/05/2013 - 17:53 -- rao246


Used to be friends our first year

Fast-forward, I’m standing here

Halls are deserted, no one in sight

Here you come from behind and body check me on the right


That’s how it started

Somewhere between then and 9th you were evicted

For a broken window and a death threat was all it took

You’re the bully, but I get written up in the book


“Let’s play devil’s advocate,” said the Dean

Me: “what the fuck do you mean?”

Check the cameras, she bullied me

Yet, she gets off scot-free


Paying full tuition grants you immunity

Until you’re arrested for assaulting in the community

I’m on scholarship, AKA second-rate

No one else would get hurt if the Dean weren’t so fucking late

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