Here I Am

Here I am,

tattered and torn.

Used by everyone,

from the day I was born.


Here I am,

marks on my skin.

Marking every time,

I didn’t fit in.


Here I am,

unloved and unwanted.

By their words,

I am haunted.


Here I am,

15 years after.

Suffering with something,

that brought them all laughter.


Here I am,

rejected and stepped on.

For some reason,

not yet I’m gone.


Here I am,

climbing out of hell.

Watching them laugh,

because I finally fell.


But here I am,

mark my word.

I may be beatdown,

but you’ll get what you deserve.


So, here I am,

mock me all you want.

Because I am done with this,

from now on your life I’ll haunt.


And here I am,

weaker than ever.

But I won’t go down again,

no, I won’t, never.


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