If I had complete reign,

(In a totally non-totalitarian way)

my first decree as Queen would be

to abolish hardships faced by humanity.

The hunger-stricken will never face a day without food,

I guarantee people’s moods will surely improve.

Segregation will cease,

those in danger will be provided relief.

Mankind will unite

Countries will no longer fight.

Lovers of all kind will rejoice,

for marriage will become everyone’s choice.

Prejudice will have no place

in a world filled with Love and Grace.

The disparities between rich and poor will no longer be so great,

everyone will be in better financial shape.

Organized religion will be replaced by Morality,

and no faith will be greater than faith in humanity.

More emphasis will be placed on the mind,

no intelligence will be favored over another kind.

All in all, these changes are only a few,

yet if only a few would implement this new view,

“Yes we can” will truly ring true.


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