A note and a demon.

The time was...where the sun and its light don't shine.

Darkness...for the moment and the victim were right.


I laid to sleep but was awaken from my dreams.

Laying on my sheets, was a demon next to me.


Grey, dark, he was what evil looks like.

I was supposed to be scared but didn't fear for my life.


One of the devil's helper, laid by my side.

I looked into his eyes and he looked back at mine.


I wanted to swing at him and push him around.

But an invisible force, strongly held me down.


I witnessed evil and felt its presence dark.

Wondering who he was and asking what did he want.


I find and read a lost note, following every line.

Looking for what I need, reading more each time.


The note speaks to me and tells me what I should hear.

I follow it up close, up personally near.


That demon looked familiar so I searched the note for answers.

Tore and ruined pages trying to read the next chapter.


Grey and cloudy days, reach of sunlight fades.

Heavy rushes of rain, ran the sunshine away.


I always felt a cloud of negativity follow me.

Wherever I went, it only kept following.


The strongest collapsed, the promises broke.

Decay found and tore whatever was gold.


But it did not break through the walls of my hope.

For it was that faith that walked me through most.


That demon may laugh, as I fall and depress.

Unable to read, the part that comes next.


But I watch as that flame, burns out its way.

That fire won't stay it will ghost from its pain.


The darkness dims, the smoke starts to fade.

The birds and their songs start to play once again.


I will be persistent, each word I read reveals.

Each line tells me what's real and describes just how I feel.


Three hundred and sixty five chapters.

Each gave conclusions but the last one came faster.


All these chapters, branched into a note.

Told me a truth I then wished not to fold.


I patiently followed, now I'll know that demon.

I see frames of his picture, he looked so familiar.


That evil is revealed, the mystery dissolves.

I can not bear to know, who that monster really was.


How could I not know, the beast from my sleep.

How could I not know, that evil demon was me.


It was a reflection, of all my impurity.

Hideous outside to show inside obscurity.


My year was damned from the very first day.

I invited that demon and asked it to stay.


But the devil himself didn't send him my way.

God punished me for the things that I said.


That demon was not, the devil's production.

It was a shadow, of my own corruption.


It leeched onto me, and those that I loved.

Killed every hope and destroyed what I touched.


When things were right it turned everything wrong.

Nothing was finished nothing was ever done.


The one time I saw him, I felt his cold skin.

That cold represented all the heartless things I did.


How I took blood and I split it apart.

How I took a son away, from a father's heart.


How I took the biggest pride, from a father's arms.

How I took away, his first-born son.


I replaced that little boy with a vicous heartless killer.

WIlling to destroy the humanity from his people.


On the horizon of the year, twenty thirteen.

I tried to fight my dad and anyone in between.


That poison of whisky reached to every one of my flaws.

And unleashed them on my family, it unleashed them all.


From that day on, I regret everything what I did.

I fall weak to the fact that I'm powerless to change things.


People always say, to not judge others and understand.

It wasn't until that day, that I understood what that phrase meant.


I've managed to comprehend, my life and it's purpose.

My mission in this world, slowly begins to surface.


I apologized to my relatives, ashamed but I held the courage.

They said we all make mistakes and to value in life what's worth it.


My family told me, that the past may be stained in darkness.

But the future in front of me is way beyond spotless.


People say blood is thick but it turned out much thinner.

Because my father forgave me, his love proved way thicker.


Only he could forgive me, and do it like no one else.

And he forgave me when I couldn't forgive myself.


I fall to my knees and repent what I did.

Understand what I lived and accept all my sins.


It's finally all over, that note and demon have left.

That year of misfortune, has come to an end.


I can smile once again without feeling a dark cloud.

Without feeling something over me that's gonna bring my efforts down.


I begin to accept that I can not change the past.

I can only look forward to what the curious future has.


My mistakes are forever engraved in my mind.

So I go with my heart, the sanctuary inside.


I forgive myself, that note has reached completion.

I feel love again and make peace with that demon.








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