Just One Job...May Change My Life

Sun, 03/23/2014 - 18:39 -- woodm29


Just One Job...May Change My Life



Just One..

job may change my life

or be a substitution to make things right

Dreams of going to school or a fancy institition is abusing my brain

and like most would say i am the closest thing from sain

sanity would be my excuse for using all this profanity 

clearly me enrolling into nyack is starting to do some rewiring

cause it wasnt really funny when we would go up to store's and Ask

"YA N****s hiring"?

i keep it a buck and i aint going to lie for a scholarship

Say all this fake imformation just to get a dollar quick

would be close to the shot of a hollow tip 

a job that i love is the goal in search not politics

its crazy cause the story of three

is almost similar to me

but i rap my emotions 

in between the depth of the cold wind

so i say just maybe i could make the world spin

when i bring this poem back to where this poem began

Just one 

just one job might change my life

or be a substitution to make things right.



Thank you guys for the opportunity to write poetry for a good cause and to help me further my information. I had limited internet services so i rapped it real quick. Thank you 

- Malcolm

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