5 Senses of Free Fall


I stand here touching the breeze in my hair,

feeling unconscious full of despair,

I feel the touch of freedom.

You told me i have legs, so I walk.

I stand here with the darkness in my eyes,

looking at this cruel world, Satin in disguise,

I see the things..., that hurt me.

You told me i have eyes, now i see.

I stand here with the silence of the world,

Waiting for that one little pitch,

Instead i hear the darkness taking control.

You told me i have ears, so i hear.

I stand here with a taste in my mouth,

a bitter almond taste, poison from my heart,

I taste the poison of the world, 

it's burning my taste buds.

You told me i have a mouth, so i tasted.

I stand here with the smell of blood,

trickling down from the stars above,

I smell the lost souls in the air.

You told me i have a nose, so i smelled.

I stand here with..., all of the five,

That drove me to my terrible strive.

I finally release, let go of it all,

so now, now i'm in free fall.

I taste the blood come out of my mouth,

I touch my stomach, from pressure, it's shrunk.

I smell my soul slipping slowly.

I hear people screaming, however so coldly.

I see the teardrops from there eyes, 

but please darlings, please, don't cry.

It wasn't all your fault you see.

I see, you hated me, for eternity.




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