In Her Eyes

Mon, 10/28/2013 - 09:02 -- jr11394

In her eyes

I saw a broken soulA dismembered heartLike shattered pieces of glass In her eyesI felt her unbearable painThe sharp blade on her wristCutting into her skinAnd that persuading voice, whispering"Just a little deeper, keep going"The scars on her wristThey tell her storyHer quilted patterned scars all cry for something"I was never enough, I am too much to handle"She says"Keep going", urged the voice In her eyesI saw the people she dearly lovedHer mom, waiting up for a callHer dad with the sweet sounds of " I'm so proud of who my baby has become"She thinks to herself"You don't even know who I am"Her baby sister,"I wanna be just like you"Who am I ? In her eyesI saw the strength she hadHolding on for so long"I'm not worth it"She believedHer weakness overpowered her"I'm finally letting go" In her eyesI saw the beautiful life she fantasized ofHer big city dreamsShooting stars and allThe big smiles on her wedding dayAnnouncing,"It's a girl!"That dream faded I'm looking in her eyes,Those mysterious, beautiful, brown eyesShimmering like a diamondFinally,She's looking backHer silent sobs beginShe's crying out for helpFor all she thought she lackedI'm screaming"You're perfect"But her eyes respond"I'm nothing""Please just hold on a little longer"Begging her to stay"Please don't take her from me"I scream to the darknessThe dark air whispers back"Only the good die young" Running, sprintingI need to see her eyesShe was no where to be foundShe had already vanishedHer soul had already drowned I looked up at the starsEach twinkle brought back a memoryI see her eyes againHer gentle hand reaching out for mine"Come with me, it's much better here.No one will miss you, just spread your wings and fly"Maybe she was rightAfter all,The disguised darkness had convinced meThat it was my time to die



This poem was veyr emotional for me. It dealt with depression, something that I struggled with, and still do at times.

Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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