Rabbit Hole


Descend from stagnancy

Descend from uniformity

As of you are

Just a youngster

Trying to go far


Pick up your weeping violin

Let its acidic waste scorch

The hands of depravity

Let not it touch the tender minds


Tears have already hit the raw earth

For which you have nothing but mirth

Bet you’ve never seen the bleeding hearts

Of those you’ve torn apart


You are only half here

With experience you must be filled

To embrace the hard fact that

Captivity for which you speak

Has done nothing but bring you up

From simmering along with brimstone


They bestow mercy

None that you deserve

Tell me again, where is your nerve?

How could you have punked, but not lucked out?


What repugnant ooze will you spout

Dripping down a cavern foul

Onto benevolence


But descend into madness

You will!

Because you will not help till the surface

But watch it from murk tinted lenses



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