Societal Amorousness {Inspired by Charles Bukowski's 'The Genius of the Crowd'}


there is enough tyranny hypocrisy synecdochial koinonia in the modern day

definition of love to siphon off realness in reality enough for fantasy to have any given lover on any given day


and the best at oppression are freedom-speakers

and the best at lying are truth-seekers

and the best at partisanship are communion sermonizers


those who preach authority, need authority

those who preach devotion do not have devotion

those who preach devotion do not have love


heed the preachers

heed the faithful

heed those who count their wins against sins

heed those who shun capitulating

or those who are honored by it

heed those in line to adore

for they need adoration paid in full

heed those who bat away the newness of affection

for they are afraid of what they do not know

heed those who fear the lonely

for they are but cannon-fodder alone

heed societies man the cultures woman

heed their love, their cultural societies creation

seeking the confines of cultural society


but there is comfort in their fantastical love

there is sufficient comfort in their love to kill you

to kill anybody

not inviting solitude

not understanding solitude

they will attempt to covet anything

that satisfies their own

unable to transcend what’s deemed as normality

they will forsake comprehending loveless realism

they will contribute their error in forever’s

only as an error in plot

not being able to love fully

they will believe your love incomplete

and then they will continue to wassail in reverie

and their reverie will be perfect


like a rose meristem

like a bludgeoner

like a carved in stone

like a meadowlark

like bloodroot


their monument of mediocrity

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