her own personal bully

look at yourself

look at your thighs

do you really believe

people would care if you died

your eyes are to small

and your stomach too round

feel the adreniline pumping?

the only thing you feel now.

take a look at your waist.

now look back at hers

refrain from food

its your only cure.

now check out your eyes

theyre too far apart. 

"natural beauty"??

hah, dont even start.

and what do you think

people think when they see

your fat ass? that they like you?

dear, that simply cant be.

are you starting to cry?

you feel bad for yourself?

you poor baby,why dont you

just go kill yourself.

youre not worth your friends,

food, or this life

hey look over there,

thats a pretty sharp knife.

say fare well to the world

its better this way.

trust me, you think loved ones will be sad

but theyll thank you one day <3




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