Thu, 01/16/2014 - 23:42 -- chad.s


I've never been the superstitious type, but there's something about that's so supernatural. But yet it feels so natural everytime I look at you. And I felt us drawing close before I even met you. Some say love is eternal. So tell me, where you been hiding ? could it be that you've been resding in my ignorant supernatural realms.Somewhere caught between pain and pleasure, heaven and hell.  And this might sound crazy but truth is sometimes I embrace the pain because I find pleasure in it. And that's how wanting you feels.Cause damn  she's like something I dreamnt up, Her radiancy is prolific. The Kind of girl I used to write poetry and songs for who I thought never exsisted. My dream girl? Or did my ancient soul just carve her up like hierogliphics in the structured caves of my mind. Am I dreaming? Cause when you got me steaming  with infatuations of your beautiful imperfections imaginations run wild and rapid. Cause I felt something strong as our humanly vessels collided impacting with inspirations, but baby I got more to give, cause we got more to live for. So come a littl closer,and I'll embrace your emoitons with these light potions I designed for you. And I'll make time for you even when ya caught up. I'll sacrafice and pay that price when ya bought up. I'll fight when ya fought up. Show you a few things when ya taught up. And where ever we go they'll know its us. Point us out like "yea they're doing something right".That girl who I saw in my dreams, that girl who I held to such high esteem in my reality. And love is war so there will be casualties. But though lethal, not in vain, cause I can feel it with these inceptional thoughts floating around in my cerbreal. And personally, I believe dreams are real just another dimension funneled by our subconscious. Or maybe I'm just superstitious. That superwoman who throws on a cape of virtue puts smiles in my nightmares. And she might stare and never notice. Can't blame her, after all I only met her once in my dreams, superstitiously. After all it's impossible for her to be standing right in front of me. And we might be criticized for this momoent so lets own it. So supernaturally unnatural. I can almost read her mind conscious. And she's so painfully honest, and I find pleasure in that. And some say love is just a strong sequence of emotions chemically released by endorphins, and really non-existent, only for the superstitious. Strictly based off relativity, whats ifs, and conditions. But who cares what they say, how bout you and me let's get viciously superstitious and make our own truths. Rock with me and let's find pleasure in this pain. Just like a tree planted by the water let's find good weather in this rain. Let's bounce between those things not seen in this natural world. Let's drive far away in our dreams. I'll pull over and put on music and the car lights, take my hand and we can dance. Two stepping in the starlights. And some say the belief in God is just superstition, and the demolition of mankind is inevitable. But I'll still believe because everything must happen for a reason. The cosmos and universe is too well versed, diverse and intricate for coincidence. And that's how loving you feels. And I just hope God brings you to heaven. After all that's where you belong, among cherubs and archangels  some call superstition. Cause truth is I have many worlds to gain from this pain, Cause I find pleasure in it. Can't seem to explain once you obtain it. And that's how loving you feels, so unreal. Like superstition.


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