Every ravenous soul cries for

What is food at all?

Is it Satisfaction...?

Or a remedy to survival...think about it -

I see food as Cruel, Enemy, Evil, Vicious...

But not always will food me malevolent and always edible its beyond the physical

Food is your thoughts

It can be money

It can be a daily inspiration you receive to heal the wounds in your heart

Food is what  you admire

Food is anything aesthetic

Food is anything around you that you absorb

Food is indeed medicine

Food is the poweful message I receive everyday from the Holy Grounds,

What I write and read most of the time

Food is like the bean seed  in the soil which decide to germinate or not

One time food is your worst enemy and your best friend

Food determines life or death

                                                                                                                          ~ Henrietta Atsupi Gborgblorbu





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