Daddy's Angel


Mama called her beautiful, perfection in the eyes of God,

her daddy called her his angel, the light of his world,

and to them she was everything but a fraud.

As she grew,harshness faced her and her world twirled

Tears and malice were her only friends

shunned and taunted by her fellow classmates

for not willing to pretend

to being a gossip and lifting weights.

She smiled through it all, hoping that it would all go away

but more insults were thrown her way.

At night she cried and could only pray

that it would all be better the next day.

Seasons passed and nothing changed,

she was still her classmates punching bag.

Mama’s little girl could handle no more, so she had it arranged

with one quick drink and only a slight gag,

daddy’s angel was no more.

Her bullies watched her be lowered into the ground,

shedding tears of their own and letting them pour.

Her mama and daddy let their tears sound,

their tears were silent, like their daughters pain.

Their little angel was gone too soon

but nonetheless she still remained

as a message that no human is immune,

to the constant pain caused by others.

Massive change takes time to transpire,

but we can still positively change one another,

otherwise we may end up in funeral attire.


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