think then ink

Sun, 04/06/2014 - 17:06 -- Potters


no big words, no amaing but aiming to my soul ,before you even think of blackmailing me think of what im saying.

look, im not disciminating unless you are not the one living it and your parents paying

what can be around you for you to live in a nice place. here it is.

why is Southern LA so ugly?

is it your face, race, accent or ancients?

no this makes our city unique  to me,

so then why? sometin we all see but no one mentions

one morning where i live visitors came by

my moms car was in our driveway like always

but for those who left there cars outside, why?

these brats thought they were the shit on the walkways

with knifes and pens they thought they had control

you could tell they were "enemies" but of who?

students, parents and grandparents were only founded here,

"  yo, lets pop there wheels and write on their walls foo"

another morning walking to school a wall was all tagged up,

haha no man, you cant draw so then dont write, listen

before you ink this up think about it, is it cool? does it LOOK cool?

to all you writers stop making OUR city ugly dont you know

this is why they dont like us, why they dont  come over here.

we have so many talented drawers here let them do the show.

didnt your mom tell you?

if you have nothing nice to say dont say anything

we have the governent to fight, they control you

so let our voices be heard with nice art 

dont mark this city but show it off!






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