The Labyrinth

Sat, 02/01/2014 - 13:30 -- madvp13



You can't imagine

what its like,

inside here.

Inside the darkness

of my mind.

Its not kind,

to people who don't


This labyrinth

full of dark corners.

Its a trap.

I am caught.

In it, I am lost.

Not quite here,

not this year.

Not the one before.

Not present.

I can't see,

right in front of me.

Short thoughts.

Long moments.

How long? How long? Please,

just tell me.

How long have

I been gone from here?

I come back,

from the trap.

I used my map to


my way out

of the endless maze.

My map is

written words.

The words I write are

my anchor,

to here, now.

I don't know quite how,

but they lead

me to free

myself from that place.

That vast space.

My words are,

my lifeline, my rope,

leading me

to a hope

that I can live both,

here and there.


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