Changing Life

It's a peculular thing; life,
One goes through everyday struggles,
Yet never does it end,
The endless torment,
So what can be done?
We can kill the problemers,
Those who cause our strife,
Yet what do; that would,
Then we would be left with outstanding pain not knowing what we've done,
There is but another way,
To Hell with them we say!
We can take their ways and do worse to them,
We become successful and take their joy from life though employment,
But yet; do so is so impossible these days,
So how to change that?
You come in with a splat!
When they say jump, make them say "you jump to high!"
For tis' better to over indulge the man than under indulge,
This way when you have gone through life you can say you were successful.
This is how you can become anything,
This is how you will change the paths to life's success.


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