Keep Showing Me Love

Today I woke up to painful scars and temporary kisses from my guardian angel.

My play dates aren't as traditional as the other kids in my neigborhood.

Matter of fact.. It was the day before too.

I don't sing in the shower, more or less I tend to cry for hours, wishing I wouldn't of awaken the next day.

It's more than a headache, shit.. that would be a blessing compared to the pain I'm feeling.

It's like never getting cake on your birthday,

Like never getting a kiss good night at bed time.......not like it would make things any better.. I hate bed time.

I wonder if Bradley, Tommy, or little Billy down the road have the same problems as me.

I want late night movies with enough ice cream to make me sick for a week,

Instead I get love taps..breaking me down....leaving me weak.

Whatever man.. What really can I do..?

The voices in my head keep telling me that's just how they show love to you.







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