how dare you

how dare you put me in a box

labeling me because i dont fit in with the hollywood image

how dare you belittle me because im different

i rather be happy being me then being sad trying to fit in with this asshole society

how dare you slang my name around likes rocks on the street

because i dont agree with your superfical ways.


he's gay and thats OKAY dont be his friend thats OKAY

but how dare you start a rumor of him having aids...he's a virgin

he's soon to be president of the united states, but since the world thinks he has aids

he decided to limit his days


she doesnt wear tight pants, half shirts, high heels

or flashes her body on the social media.

but she's a hoe, a skeezer, a tramp and more

how dare you started a rumor cause she refused you sex

guess it doesnt matter that you got her kicked out of the govern honors program and broke her families bond

it doesnt really matter to you cause she didnt let you lead her on.


how dare you ridicule me for all the things i cant change

i've never been small, i've never been tall, im not a girly girl, i do play sports

i am in the band, i am smart, and i DO have feelings

how dare you take my past of being a product of second hand smoke and use that to embarrass me

how dare you call me a fag cause i dont show skin

how dare you make fun of me cause i dont particpate in bullying cause im a jock

i try to hide the pain 

how dare you make me feel low, just because im not "the same"




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