Band of Shadows

I didn't know before how to light a candle
To set by the picture of us on the mantle
There was no flame to light the way
There was no night to darken the day
The monsters came to devour the heart
Piece by piece they tore it apart
And all the blood that trickled down
Was mixed with love to brighten your frown
Just one kiss is all it takes
To take the shadows from her face
When she her glowing heart does break
He wipes her blackened tears away
Before him in her wedding gown
She must stand lest she drown
In the ever growing lake of pain
How could she ever love again
Wander left and right she must
To find her patience hope and trust
Yet forever she will hold so dear
The one who told her "do not fear"
"I'm at your side" he said to me
And once more said "I will always be"
And every night the turtle doves
Fly around the tree of love
And even though they can't be seen
She lies in his arms in her dreams


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