Dream Job

It is not about the money.

It is about what makes you happy.

The check is appealing.

But is the job base on your feeling?

Boring office job or exciting danger.

Simple life or adventure.

The Federal Agency is my best fit.

My homeland.. I will defend it.

Where evil lurks in my home.

I shall shield it like a dome.

The people of this land has given me life.

I will return the favor.

My family and friends that I love.

Like angels and doves.

I am your guardian.

How does one become an agent?

One must know the law and justice system.

One must know the politics.

Not to mention, the field experience tactics.

The course is difficult and maybe impossible.

But I have the support than could make it possible.

Friends and family will surely help.

With the money aid and the knowledge develope.

I hope that it will not be put into waste.

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