Wed, 04/02/2014 - 16:08 -- cox1516


I may not be a pure poet or a young man with many words to impress a pure poet but what I have to say comes straight from the heart.  It would be nice to change things in this melting pot of a world but sometimes we can't.  We can't think big changes to make a huge impact it takes thousands of little ones to make a small difference.  I know that sounds discouraging but its not meant to be that way its just to prove that us ordinary people can't stop making changes because if we do there would be no change at all.  In this process of obtaining a higher education we are asked many questions to write how would we would change this or change that. But do the people judging these really want to know how I would change something for the better or is it the best grammer, best writing skills going to obtain that award.  It is almost like entering for the lottery you have a limited chance to win.  After a while it feels like no one is listening to our generation on how we can change because there is still no change in this crazy world.  There is still poverty, war and hunger generation after generation the only difference is that all of these has no boundries  poor people, middle class or even the rich it all can come crumbling down for anyone at any moment.  So the question is what would I change, I would change myself because if we can't change ourselves to be better people then how can we change other people to make a difference.


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