A Mirror is Buried with its Owner


I’m cracked from where

She threw a book at me

Heavy and thick,

 her arms shook with the effort of tossing it


But she just couldn’t take it anymore,

Looking into me and seeing herself

All pale and thin

Remnants of someone who used to be beautiful


And as much as it hurt,

I can understand

The pain she felt was much worse

Than the pain of a simple broken body


I can see why she hated me,

Who mercilessly showed her gradual decay

Too young

And now she is gone


And her brother stands before me,

Squinting to see his face in my broken glass

He knows there is no point in saving me

I too am gone too young


He must struggle to carry me out of her home

It took both of them to carry me in

That was only a few years ago

And it was the first home she had ever owned


I’m buried without ceremony,

In the dumpster out back

With all of the other things she owned that weren’t worth keeping

Trinkets and baubles that no one else wants


And all of the refuse that comes from trying to keep a person alive

After their own body turns against them

It rarely works

But people always try


And I, who was a reflection of her

And saw her at her best and worst

(but mostly worst, towards the end)

get no funeral or kind words said about me


No pretty casket

I am nothing

She was loved

But we will both end up rotting in the ground



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