Me You and the Music

I remember when it used to be just us and the music.

We blocked the whole world out to hip hop,

and every now and again, I could convinvce you to try something else.

Like Carolina Liar, or Of Monsters and Men,

and I think about how I'd like to share those songs with you now.

Snuggled up on the couch, with a blanket from your bed, our hands intertwined under the pillows.

I miss those days more than you'll ever know.

We didn't need to smoke, and we didn't need to drink. We listened to the music.

And we heard them, the artists, about how their world was so close to ours. 

Every now and again, I find a new band, and I want to call you,

make you listen. I know you'd love them,

even if you denied it. 

Your number is still in my phone, so maybe one of these days I'll call,

and we can make plans to go see a band

a really kick ass band.

And it'll be just me, you and the music.


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