No rights made for the no wrongs that happened

Past, Present, Future

Trying to change the first without worrying about the second or third, im a past veteran, a present warrior, a future trooper

Fighting without so much as a sword, yet im still swinging like i got an axe

Got the viking mentallity, keep swinging till it all comes down, BAM! whod i hit? the one i love, I cut the wrong person now i got a dead past

Put me on trial for a crime i didnt want to commit

I plead the fifth, hoping to reclaim the girl my heart saw in April, and loved eight days after the sixth

April 14th, easy ride, flowing with the oasis i saw inside of her eyes

Then ten months later i watched the same oasis overflow with a river of tears, I heard her silent cries.

Where did it all go downhill?

Where did her heart feel empty in a place my heart was supposed to fill.

I tried... Wrong words though to her right?

To anyone, trying isnt good enough cause if you try, no matter how much effort you put in it, im a bird who still flew short in their flight

Im on the runway again but to you im still walking

I talk about being on Cloud 10 with you but now i wonder if im still just talking

Stalking. Thats what the past does

Clipping my wings so i cant get to my angel above.

I could try day and night, left and right, get you in my sight and still find myself lost in this flight

My destination is to our relation

But since it doesnt look good I turn around and ask for direction in the city of our affection

Call a taxi to drive me to your heart

but even when i come knocking at the front door i still feel like we are far apart...

How did we end up here?

Since when did we let the past catch up to the present and the future say it cant stay with us, going from not so far to not so near?

I dont know what to do about the past, but i try to live in the present,

but i cant live if you keep using the past us as a weapon

You AK a boyfriend

AKA Tarren

Using the past to keep a future barren.

And with a fault in us, we get rocky in this relationship and shake like earthquaks when we need to take breaks, thats the root of my heartbreaks

Trying to get to you over the shattered ground, going through all of the thorns the rose left behind in these green pastures, prick me again and again, your roots cause the root in my heart ache

I always said i would love you into eternity

But i guess in the end, the past hit the present, and knocked out the future, and father time turned against me.

If i took his hand would he turn time back again.

If i took yours, could i get rid of the reasons that cause you to repirmand?

Lash out, to attack

Would you take it all back?

Would we go back to that

Image of us that you think we lack

Can i change the past?

Thats a question i can answer

You cant grab a hold of the past, it can only kill softly like cancer

But the present heals the future like the sun gives strength

So its time to use this new type of medicare to arm and hammer these old blood stains

Past, Present, Future

I fight for us. I am our future trooper


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