Some things I wish she would say

I don’t want to be heard anymore, but you are starting to listen.

I finally tell you “no” and you’re finally on your knees then,

Darling I don’t want any more of this bullshit you call love..

I no longer want to see what beautiful things your troubled heart is made of…

I just want to hate everything right now.

I want to shine where you can no longer see my light

And I no longer want you around…

You tore me down so many times

Tell me what it’s like to know you are to blame

I hope you know that soon I’ll be just fine,

And you’ll start to drive yourself insane..

This time I won’t let you stop me.

I’ll be walking out the door

You’ll be curled in that corner left with everything.

Maybe then you can will start to realize, really start to think..

Darling you’re “amazing” but nothing without me.


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