Don't Dissappear From Me


Don’t disappear from me

I know I haven’t always been the greatest person

I’ve been selfish, stupid and just completely inattentive

I’ve said things I didn’t mean 

I’ve blamed you for things that were out your control

And I’ve taken you for granted

I’m sorry


Don’t disappear from me

You’ve always been stronger than me

Holding yourself together when I know all you wanted to do was fall apart

I’ve shut you out

Mistreated you

Acted like you were this terrible person

And every day I wish I could take it back


Please, don’t disappear from me

Cause now you’re sick and dying

You won’t tell me everything because you don’t want me to cry

But I can’t help it


I love you and I’m not ready to say goodbye

I want to see you again

I want us to go on our adventures like we used to

Wander around for hours and eat sushi in the village

I want to show you where I go to school

How good I’m doing in class


How you’ve inspired me to work hard

And have the life you never had

You’ve sacrificed so much for me

And I can’t put how grateful I am into words

All I know is I’m proud to call you mom

And I’m going to give you the life you deserve


No matter how long it takes

I will give you a life that is much better than this one

You just have to promise me one thing

You won’t give up

You’ll keep on fighting and beat this

You’re the most amazing person I’ve ever known

And that will never change


So please, don’t disappear from me



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