The Step


Thump Thump even steps on the floor

A rhythmic monotone inciting horror

Who is it that makes such a beaten path

Is it death or man with a thought to pass

I can’t stand the rhythmic thump of his step

The tapping of time so well kept

Its tortuous in its entirety

It is creating sheer evil insanity

What is the madness that evenly walks

Around about the hall in a freakish stalk

Could it be fear in a menacing manner

Come to grip my heart and with it hammer

Can I stop that warriors drum

From splitting my ears and hair with that continuous thump

When will it stop oh guardian please

Guardian of my endless happiness dreams

Make the fearful death relinquish its timing

Make human that monstrous dark chiming

Don’t let it get me and make me weep

I wish it away and my peace to keep

Please please I must be overtaken

My willingness to withstand has been shaken

Oh devil evil step release me

Release me from your torrent of torment

Show your face and quit your pacing

Or else I may leave you by use of this lacing

Take my soul my heart so pure

Stop this horror I beg of you sir

This is a torture I can not withstand

Your step I feel in my chest and my hand

I fear it too late for pleasant death

So I will stop it and release myself to peaceful earthly depths

Oh guardian you have failed

Death and fear has pumped my blood til no longer do I wail.



This is really intense and has some powerful imagery. I love it. Don't stop.

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