What Is Fear?

Fear is what keeps you up in the night, the noises the knocks the sounds.

It can get kind of scary when no one is around.

When you don't know who is there.

Could it be a ghost or even a bear?

What's that skeleton under the bed?

Hands reach for you, face then head.

In the slightly open closet a eye peeks out.

The yellow iris flaming red makes me  want to shout.

The dreams that occur in your slumber,

might be filled with raging water and thunder.

The fire within screams to be free.

But the person i contain inside never want to be.

There is a mask that covers what the world really is.

Reveal the secrets beneath the mask and regret your bliss.

Monsters lurking through the shadows,

preying on you like horrifying animals.

Tossing and turning restless as ever,

stiff as a board light as a feather. 

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