Destined to be Greater

Born into a world were it’s not guaranteed I’ll succeed.

I still reach high, breaking stereotypes as I go.

I graduated from High School; I am in college.

What else is there left to achieve?

As I sit and think… LIFE.

I haven’t completed it yet.

Mean while I was struggling to survive in college.

Academic probation knew my name twice.

Barely able to come back my sophomore year.

There was someone who believed in me, thank you.

He saw I was destined to be something greater.

But it’s up to me to figure it out.

As I sit and wonder what I can do to change the world and get my academics straight.

I was struggling with depression.

Which causes me to want to end my life.

With so much weighing me down academics, life, WORLD DOMINATION

LOL just kidding I just want help others like me.

It was all the cause for me to feel like I was in the dark.

I excluded myself from the world.

Not talking to friends and family, I was alone.

Finally realizing enough was enough and I wanted to reclaim my life.

I looked for help. I am in a better place now and I have the confidence that I will

be somebody.

I have so much ambition to be something better, greater, and magnificent.

I will change the world.

But I am taking it one step at a time.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

this poem reminds me of me

going through trials and tribulations of life where you are finding yourself

one of the most important lessons that is essential is perseverance-overcoming all odds

great reflective poem-keep writing


I like the meaning of this poem to you, but it was a little too casual though, for my taste.


It's really hard, the end of high school. When we have to grow up and realize that we've merely come over a hill, and there's still a whole mountain before us. It's huge. We don't know how long we'll last. But you've made the decision to keep climbing. That's a feat in itself. Some really good lines in here.


High school graduation is just the beginning there is still so much more. It can be tough at times but keep on pushing and praying with God you will find your way. I understand that more now than before


Wow! You went through all of that and you are still standing strong with your head held high to the future. I pray that most people who go through something as bad as that gain that optimistic drive like you did to keep moving forward. God Bless you on your journey and keep writing on my friend!


Amazing poem

Poetry Master

keep doing what you're doing

very well said 

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