What would you change behind a glass window in a small room?

 What would you change with the words of someone who owns no voice?

  What would you do with the power of someone else with power?  What change the world?

  1) Poverty is the root to all evil  

2) Racism is the destruction of all colors

 3) Wars is the obliteration of generation

  4) Jobs are the making and breaking of societies

 5) Starvation is the food for rich

  6) Diseases are the down fall of pleasure

  No one cares about little Johnny in the room crying because he has to watch his mother sell her body so that he can eat alone

  No one listens to Marissa about her teacher failing her because of her lack of melanin

 No one hold Garry at night when he misses his daughter in Japan  

No one tells Jennifer that it’ll be ok Jobs Come and go

  No one gives to the children seen on the TV screen starving

  7) People talking about what that should do, but never will

 8) Making promise to children they can’t keep  

9) Speaking of hope and future

 10) Seeing nothing getting betterr

 Someone great said that we must change ourselves before we change the world

 You sit there doing nothing about the disturbing things you see, but cry about little ray ray not calling back  

Your debates and deep conversations about wrapping it up, but an incurable present is still given  The people have to want to change or nothing will happen  

Putting a pretty bow on soothing does not make it life  

 I choose to change myself and hopefully I can impact the world   


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression. Always let poetry fill your life. Keep expressing your heart.  

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